Garakei:Flipping over Flip-phones

If you are like most people, you already own a Smartphone or planning to buy one soon. How likely is it that your next phone is a feature phone? Now you’re thinking, surely this guy is joking. Seriously, something like this is already happening in Japan. Last season in Japan, Flip-phones sales grew by 5.7% while smart phones declined by 5.3%. Agreed, the base figures are vastly different and yet…. Why is Hi-tech Japan even thinking of Lo-tech Flip-phones?


Here are some Flip-phones just in case you forgot how one looks

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Interstellar Dreams: From Pencil Rockets to Manned Spaceflight

I recently watched Christopher Nolan’s latest Sci-Fi epic Interstellar: a good enjoyable movie, but far from Nolan’s best, though. But I did walk away with an idea for this post. Continue reading

The Bullet turns 50

On October 1st this year, there was a re-enactment of the inauguration ceremony of the Shinkansen or the Japanese Bullet Train. The Shinkansen was born exactly 50 years ago. If there was a single event that signalled the arrival of Japan as an economic superpower and an engineering giant, this was it.

50th Anniversary

50th anniversary celebrations

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