About Me

Hi there, I’m Anirudh – Lover of all things Japanese (Well Almost!)

Why Armchair Japanophile?

When I was 7, I watched a little known show called “Robotech” that pretty much changed my life. It was an Anime, but an American re-versioning of 3 Japanese Anime. At one level it was just a kid’s programme; yet it conveyed sophisticated adult concepts (e.g: the futility of war).Whenever I explained what the show was to adults they were dumfounded (“this kid is a thinker!”). I went on to watch many more Japanese shows like Robotech and was well on the way to becoming a Japanophile; from taking Japanese language classes to buying any and every book that had Japan in its title. With my cable operator adding NHK world to my TV lineup, I consumed every documentary out there related to Japan. Knowing that immediate travel to Japan was unlikely, I became the ultimate Armchair Japanophile.

Why did I start this Blog?

I studied Social Media Marketing in Business School. One of the assignments there was to start a Blog. After racking my brains on what to blog on, I had an epiphany – Why not write about something I’m passionate about? So here I am writing about Japan and its culture sitting at my desk, with hopes of finding a benefactor to fund my travel to Japan, so I can give you an eyewitness account ^_^.

Why should you read my Blog?

My aim is to share with you the fascination I have for Japanese culture. You may find that my posts are longer than the average blog post you normally encounter: ‘tis with good reason. My posts are well researched and pack  as much information as possible in an easy style.

What I won’t do with the Blog

I’ve been asked a couple of times to write reviews on Anime or Manga which I refuse to do. There are about a zillion blogs reviewing Anime and Manga better than I could ever. I will cover aspects of the Anime and Manga in a general sense, though.

Contact Info:

Feel free to contact me via e-mail : rurounikenshin_battusai@yahoo.com

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